Surgical Instruments

Sanjmed Medical Equipment Distributors offers the widest range of surgical instrumentation and prides itself in being able to supply surgical instruments used in every medical discipline. So with us you are assured of constant stock availability over much of the instrument range and quick turnaround time on specialized instruments. Sanjmed Medical Equipment Distributors promises to provide premium quality instruments at the most competitive prices. Sanjmed Medical Equipment Distributors also has a complete range of products in the specialized field of electro surgery. Our electrosurgical instrumentation ranges from bipolar forceps, monopolar forceps, re-useable and disposable electrodes, patient return plates, irrigation forceps, artery sealers, finger switches, insulated electrosurgical speculums as well as monopolar and bipolar cables.

We supply surgical instruments for:

  • Diagnostics, Anesthesia, Puncture, Sutures, Plaster purposes, Bones, Tracheotomy, Goitre, Dermatology,
  • Stomach, Bladder, Kidney,
  • Gynaecology, Obstetrics, Cardiovascular, Opthamology,
  • Neuro, Micro, Pituitary, Otology, Rhinology, Oral, Tonsil, Broncho,
  • Sterilizing, Asepsis,
  • and General medical purposes.

We also have a range of Dental Instruments that are designed specifically for Dentists. They are precision instruments made with high standards and quality in mind. This range includes a wide variety of Dental Instruments such as Extracting Forceps, Periodontia Intruments, Root Elevators, Probes, Scalers, Implant Surgery, Orthodontic Instruments, Cartridge Syringes, and much more. Browse through the catalogue to view hundreds of products available in this range.

Our surgical instruments range furthermore includes Electrosurgical Instruments which are made with quality stainless steels and coated with special unbreakable and non-toxic nylon material. The Electrosurgical Instruments are handcrafted for precision and durability. They have a highly polished tip, precision tip alignment and nylon coating. These Electrosurgical Instruments reduce tissue adherence, aids fine control, resists abrasion and provides superb insulation. They are also easier to operate and well balanced.

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