Medical Footwear

Sanjmed Medical Equipment Distributors supplies two types of quality medical footwear, namely Autoclavable Nurses Cloggs and BAB Surgical Boots. Nurses and doctors are on their feet all day long so our medical footwear is specifically designed for the medical industry. Taking good care of your hardworking feet is a doctor’s order. Therefore each of the varieties of medical footwear is manufactured according to certain specifications that makes the long hospital hours more bearable and easier on your feet.The Autoclavable Nurses Cloggs have a small heel and are slip resistant which relieves the strain caused by walking all day. It also comes in a large range of colours to pair with any outfit or set of scrubs too. The BAB Surgical Boots are surgical boots that are made from a synthetic rubber plus polymer material to make them versatile. Due to this tough exterior it makes this medical footwear suitable for wearing at hospitals and vets as well as dairy operations and food processing areas. Furthermore, these surgical boots are available in white which can be worn with any surgical or hygienic wear.

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medical footwear

Autoclavable Nurses Cloggs

  • Available in various colours and sizes
  • All medical footwear is steam autoclavable to 300°F
  • Cloggs are sized and fitted with 1-1/2″ heel
  • Incredibly flexible and available with or without upper ventilation holes (except teal that and are available with upper ventilation holes only)
  • Also comfortable for long hours, slip resistant and antistatic
  • It is washable and bleachable as well as easily cleanable.

Sizes (European)

33/34, 34/35, 35/36, 36/37, 37/38,

38/39, 39/40, 40/41, 42/43, 44/45, 46/47

BAB Surgical Boots White

  • Wear them anywhere… such as hospitals, dairy operations, food processing areas and veterinary services!
  • Made from a synthetic rubber plus polymer
  • These boots are anti-static and casein-resistant
  • Surgical boots are available in white colour and in a Wellington style at full length and calf length

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Calzuro Rebel, an attractive look for a new concept of proffesional clogs: the safety and comfort of Calzuro, the aerodynamics design of a sports footwear.

Available in 5 colors

– Autoclavable up to 134 C / 274 F
– Latex-Free
– Light
– 100% Recyclable
– Made in Italy
– Medical device Class 1 NON STERILE: DM 2431858


Slip Resistant Sole
According to ES ISO 20347:2021 SRC REQUIREMENTS

The patented back closure for the protection of the heel, adjustable and not removable, makes the clog more stable and safer. Strap with three levels of regulation. Provided with heel tab to best put on and take off the clog.