Omni 3000 Standard MD808-450-01

Omni 3000 standard complete otoscope set with spare lamp
Complete with otoscope
Pocket Otoscope, Pocket Handle, 7 each disposable specula, Dia 2.5mm & 4.0mm, in soft pouch
 Made from impact resistant re-enforced plastic and highly reliable corrosion resistant stainless steel exterior finish
 Distal fibre Optic illumination with super bright Xenon/Halogen and LED light.
 Swivel type window with 3X magnification lens for sharp imaged and minimal reflection.
 Insufflation port for pneumatic testing of tympanic mobility. Connector port and insufflation bulb should
be ordered separately.
 Easy replacement of lamp.
 Specula fitting compatible to well – known suppliers.
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